Family Therapy and Couples Therapy

Family therapy explores relationships and family dynamics and can be helpful for families that feel overwhelmed, worried, stuck, or not sure what to do for the best.

Issues that families often have to face, such as illness, bereavement, adolescence and changes in the make-up of the family, can make family life more stressful. The therapist recognises that family members will  probably have  different views and feelings and works to ensure that family members feel safe to explore these differences, in order to help the family better understand and support each other. It can be useful to look at what is going well in a family, as well as to explore some of the difficult patterns families often get into.

Frequency of sessions varies according to need. Each meeting lasts for an hour and can involve the whole family, some members of the family or individuals. Who attends each session will be discussed and decided with you.

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