Work with Parents

Being a parent is difficult, and the complexities of twenty-first century parenting add many stressors into family life. When anxieties about your child/ren or the task of parenting become hard to manage, seeking outside help can be very beneficial.  We work with parents and carers of children at all ages and stages, and the support we offer is tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and the family. However our work with parents can be divided into two broad categories:

Parent support sessions:

Parent support sessions provide an unstructured space for parents who would like some help with understanding their child/ren, and the relationship between themselves and their child/ren. This can involve some or all of the following:   

  • Unpicking the reasons for or meaning of a child’s confusing or distressing behaviour.  
  • Reflecting on parents’ own experiences of being parented, and how this affects the way they feel about or interact with their child/ren.
  • Helping parents think about the impact of their own relationship, and other family dynamics, on their child/ren
  • Supporting parents to process the impact of a child’s emotional needs and difficulties on the family, and to think through ways to nurture and support their child/ren, while also setting appropriate limits


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