Multidisciplinary Assessment

The first meeting you have with us is a multidisciplinary assessment. This meeting is usually offered by two clinicians, with different areas of expertise. We work jointly to gain a thorough understanding of your concerns and needs, and what has brought you to seek support at this time. Depending on the age and wishes of the young person, this meeting may be with parents alone, parents and child together, or the young person alone.

As part of the assessment, we may suggest that we carry out a school observation and/or speak  with other professionals who know you and your child. We would only do this with your agreement.

This initial assessment allows us to make recommendations about next steps, and to support families to make informed decisions about therapuetic care. Our multidisiplinary approach enables us to offer a wide variety of different options, including individual work, family sessions, parent support or further assessment. We may recommend a single therapeutic approach, such as individual sessions for the child/young person or parents, or we may suggest a package of care, such as individual sessions alongside family sessions and/or meetings with a psychiatrist. If we have significant concerns about risk, we may recommend another service. Please see below for further information about the specific therapies and assessments that we offer.

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