What We Offer

We offer a range specialist assessments and therapies. In most cases your first meeting with us will be a multidisciplinary assessment, which will help us advise you about whether therapy would be beneficial, and if so what kind. Below you can find detailed infomation about all the services we offer.

Multidisciplinary Assessment

The first meeting you have with us is a multidisciplinary assessment. This meeting is usually offered by two clinicians, with different areas of expertise. We work jointly to gain a thorough understanding of your concerns and needs, and what has brought you to seek support at this time. Depending on the age and wishes of the young person… Read more

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Child psychotherapy helps children and young people to make sense of troubling feelings, thoughts and experiences, particularly those which are difficult to express in words. It provides a safe, reliable space in which children and adolescents can communicate sad, angry, painful or confusing feelings, so that these feelings do not have to be… Read more

Family Therapy and Couples Therapy

Family therapy explores relationships and family dynamics and can be helpful for families that feel overwhelmed, worried, stuck, or not sure what to do for the best. Issues that families often have to face, such as illness, bereavement, adolescence and changes in the make-up of the family, can make family life more stressful. The therapist… Read more

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a psychological treatment that aims to help you understand how your problems began and what keeps them going. CBT works by helping you to link the way you think (your thoughts and beliefs) with how you feel (your emotions) and how you behave (your actions). CBT has been found to be effective in helping young people with… Read more

Trauma Therapies

A traumatic event is any experience during which you fear for your own or someone else’s safety. It is common and normal to experience various symptoms after a traumatic event, such as recurring thoughts, nightmares and intense emotions. The recurring thoughts and nightmares can be thought of as our mind’s way of making sense of… Read more

Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive assessments are formal assessments of a child’s strengths and difficulties in thinking and reasoning. They may include an assessment of a child’s intellectual ability, verbal and non-verbal skills, attention, memory and processing speed. Cognitive assessments are particularly helpful when a child is struggling at school, as… Read more

Assessments for ADHD and ASD

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects social interaction, language and communication, interests and behaviour. The symptoms will be present before the age of three but often a child will not get a diagnosis until primary school, and for some children the condition is not diagnosed until secondary school. At FITZCAF we use… Read more

Work with Parents

Being a parent is difficult, and the complexities of twenty-first century parenting add many stressors into family life. When anxieties about your child/ren or the task of parenting become hard to manage, seeking outside help can be very beneficial.  We work with parents and carers of children at all ages and stages, and the support we offer is tailored to… Read more

Foster Care and Adoption Support

We provide a range of therapeutic interventions for children who have been looked after or adopted and their parent/s and carer/s.

Usually we meet first with carer/s or parent/s, to help think about what their… Read more